Centre des Canons des autres branches

Parfois, l'idée qu'il n'y a pas de canon est un peu folle. Ce n'est pas qu'il n'y a pas de canon, c'est que nous en avons une multitude qui se touchent, se croisent et s'entrelacent. C'est à vous, en tant que lecteur, de décider ce en quoi vous croyez et ce qui constitue selon vous le cœur de l'univers SCP. Toutefois, ça ne veut pas dire que les auteurs manquent d'intention et de projet : la collaboration reste au cœur de l'innovation.

Réunis ci-dessous se trouvent les liens vers les canons reconnus et partagés de l'univers de la Fondation SCP. Si vous souhaitez écrire pour l'un d'entre eux, vous devriez veiller à lire tout ce qui a déjà été fait à l'intérieur et ne jamais perdre de vue que tout est connecté.

Canons coréens

This makes a story of SCP-953 before contained by the foundation as a stem, and a story of a pre-modern state agency similar to the foundation as another stem. Numerous branches and twigs flourish between those two stems. About five hundred years ago, we had already recognized their existence.

Every foreign body can be divided into four categories.
First, Goei(괴이, 怪異). Second, Yongnyeok(용력, 勇力).
Third, Paeran(패란, 悖亂). Fourth, Guisin(귀신, 鬼神).

from 〈위세지설 서장〉by sw19classic

A City buried beneath sticky fog, a gradient where realities and phantasms meet each other. What made you come here, and what did you see before you leave?

In early morning, or at dawn, Feeling grandma's getting up make rustling noise, I also woke up. I asked grandma where she was going, but grandma never answered nor looked behind. Grandma had disappeared into sticky morning fog of Mujin. Being frightened, I ran toward the direction grandma had headed, even without shoes.

from "Village Of Judas" by Salamander724

Lay thine hand upon her, remember the battle, do no more.

Behold, the hope of her is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of her?

I feel the weight of lead nailed to my heart.

Close my eyes slowly.

Only then did I realized who I am.

I, in the dark green fatigue,

was my……

from "Self-portrait" by JtodaOne

Canons chinois

The New Era, the New Horizon, the New Chances, the New Challenges.

Since now human have reach the last edge,it is the time to Re-recognize what is the definition of SCPs.

——Human, in Contain,by QBLevi

「The Commune of Prosperity」is the only ruling party of the country. The leaders of The Commune, also hundreds and thousands of the members contribute for the foundation and construction of this country with the struggle of blood and flesh.All of the commune members should be with great faith and respect to The Commune and the four leaders of it. Be brave to fight against the enemy of the Commune and those traitors who try to divide our country apart. Those who fight for the Commune and country should dedicate their full life and will to it, be fully loyal to the Commune.

It is a fact that most of the people of the Commune love the Commune and are loyalty to it. However, those power which try to split the Commune have sneaked into the people of it and even the Commune its own, to incite the mass to be doubtful about the Commune and even against it then break the laws. Those enemy must be wiped out, without hesitate and mercy……

——All it Takes is One Night,by heartlessed

Is the disappearance of anomalies a dawn of the people gaining their order and resurgence, or a sunset of the story moving to the termination?

When you see what you believed in fades away, never exists, becomes ashes. Which voice will echo in your mind?
Is it sorrows of the desperate bell? Or is it first songs of the joyful bird?
You see, you know. A life must have its death, a death must had its life. The God is already dead, and died once before. But our belief has not change, we once pieced its dismembered body together, piece by piece like a puzzle.
We don't mind do to it twice.

——Certainly, they died, by Airalin_Knowledge

Canons polonais

No one ever invited them, no one knows where they came from, no one wanted them to exist and no one can't get rid of them for good.

Conspirational objects destroy that ordered chaos. They don't allow themselves to be classified, they slip away from any standards, any procedures. They don't care about the effort we put to contain them. They are omnipresent and influential, despite this we can't do anything about them.

Fragment of "What are conspirational objects?", by Dr JamesH.

Canons thailandais

Horror Foundation

Do you like to listen to the mysterious tales in the Foundation!?

I softly cursed because this place was very dirty. When I saw around the room, the researchers started to enter the room. However, they had a weird appearance. That person seemed to have a decayed skin. Another person had a mouth with a wire sewing and tried to speak out something which I couldn't understand since I had entered the room. That person seemed to have no downward body. Another person had full of sewing scratch on his body. However, I might only imagine because it was abnormal since the beginning of this Foundation.

From the story "Orientation at B Building" by Dr Xu weil geena

Canons japonais

We believed that the Foundation attempts to avoid being unnecessarily evil as much as possible. We have described them as people who struggle in the darkness so that mankind can remain dwelling within the light. However, the Foundation in this universe pursues any means to accomplish their purpose, and will sacrifice anything to increase their progress.

The Foundation will break down all of the present nations before long and re-create the entire world in order to allow themselves to do everything as they like. Now they are proceeding with preparations for it.

From "What Has Bent the World" by mary0228mary0228

Canons allemands

Somebody has to clean up the chaos that two fascist regimes left behind.

The German SCP Foundation is an autonomous subsidiary of the SCP Foundation and is answerable directly to O5.


Sonderkommando für Paranormales / Sonderkommando for the paranormal

It is true. Everything is true. The Americans have captured and imprisoned them. They did not want to see what could be achieved, if we get to the bottom of things we consider paranormal, and learn to use them. That is why they lost the war.

500 years ago we rode on horses, 250 years ago we used a car, 100 years ago we flew jets, and 20 years ago we ascended to heaven.

The Avengadagra sank slowly but surely to the dock. She landed with a loud and metallic creaking in the obsolete hole. Coming from the Avengadagra, a strong windstorm shook the green laurels close by.

Humanity was eradicated. Nobody survived. Homo Sapiens is no more. But this isn't the end. Because for the sake of humanity, the machines carry on.

"You think everything is lost. You think we we let down humanity. You think our creators are lost forever. But I tell you, no! We are androids of the Foundation, one of its greatest and most advanced creations. We would have never gotten this intellect if setbacks wouldn't have been anticipated. Therefore, I tell you, pull out all the stops, give everything your body can offer and fulfill our prime directive! For our creators!"

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